Continental Favorites

Upon hearing that I have a blog devoted to tasting tacos from around the country (and globe), people ask me where to find the best tacos -- what is my favorite?  I tend to give a complicated answer.  

"It depends what you're looking for."

In New York, if you want upscale Mexican with delicious tacos and kick-ass margaritas: Empellon Taqueria in the West Village.

If you're looking for super standard street-style no-frills tacos, Tehuitzingo Deli.

The spot for delicious tacos but where the all-star menu item is not tacos: El Centro.

The list and descriptors goes on.

Well, when venturing to Los Angeles, it seems that everyone agrees upon one favorite: Guisado's

Guisado's on Sunset (original is in Boyle Heights)

Now I understand why.  These tacos are easily in the top 5 of all tacos I've tasted.  They win big with the tortillas.  Stone ground corn masa is turned into delectable, hearty, fresh-made tortillas that hold up to the messiest of taco toppings.  Rumor has it that they deliver the fresh masa to all of their locations first thing in the morning so everyone can enjoy the signature taste that defines a Guisado's taco.

In an effort to experience as much Guisado's as possible, I got the sampler plate -- 6 mini tacos adorably arranged.  2 Pork, 2 Chicken, 2 Steak.  Classic AF.  The Guisado's specialty is that they braise their meats so you will always get a stewy, flavorful, meat-melting-in-your-mouth experience.

I was lucky enough to also get a bite of the grilled fish taco which, as my followers know, is not usually a favorite of mine (booo tilapia).  But whatever fish they put in this taco was supreme.  Fresh. Light.  A crunch of cabbage. I'd eat this fish taco any day.

There is no doubt in my mind: Guisado's knows tacos.

Plus, they have some delicious horchata (maybe a Blocho's Tacos #1 Horchata) and agua frescas.  I recommend blending the melon y limon for a tropical party in your mouth.

Peep that horchata and "Arnold Palmito" with Melon and Limon
Basically, you're denying yourself pure bliss if you're in LA and looking for tacos and do not go to Guisado's.  Don't do that.  Just go.


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