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During my annual check up, I sat and watched the phlebotomist draw blood for my standard blood tests, thinking everything would be just dandy. 3 days later I found out that my Vitamin B12 levels, while in the "normal range" are on the low side.  This slight B12 deficiency likely explains why I've been going to bed at 10pm and still feeling exhausted. So, how do you amp up that B12? Two options: with a supplement or by eating foods in which B12 occurs naturally. Part of my feels strongly opposed to taking a supplement because there are natural sources for B12, but most of them are animal products (red meat! clams! liverwurst!) and I'm always conscious of the ethical - and health - impact of animal products/animal protein.  Plus, my recent trip to Israel has not convinced me to keep Kosher, but I certainly take note of when I'm not doing so.  Yay treif! Looking at the list of foods my doc recommended, I could definitely see myself heavily consumer many of t

New Side of the Office

Last week, I joined the marketing team. This required me to pack up my desk - a laborious process considering I keep a mini kitchen and 5 pairs of shoes in the office - and move to the other side of the floor to sit with the marketing team. With a new team comes new discoveries.  I find them all fascinating.  Here are a few. It is very quiet.  Most conversation is work-related which is a) productive and b) very different from my old desk. The temperature is much warmer.  I keep a blanket at my desk because I used to work in an ice box. My coworkers have very distinct eating habits.   We have a stand up meeting.  I love standing in the workplace. As the weeks progress, I know more tendencies will start to unveil themselves.  I cannot wait!