Secret Taco Deli

Tehuitzingo Deli & Grocery Inc.
695 10th Avenue
New York, NY

When meeting up with Michael Melamedoff, writer and director of "Weakness", there was no question that we would go for tacos. Michael suggested the "secret taco deli" on 10th Ave at 47th street and the mystery of the place enticed me.

Entering into Tehuitzingo I was confused. It looked just like a deli, no tacos around. But if you step beyond the front counter and refrigerators filled with Jarritos sodas, you find a little secret taco deli. At the back of the narrow room you approach a small window and place your order. The menu has many pork offerings along with your typical chicken, rice and beans, and steak tacos. They even have goat tacos! I followed my heart and ordered a carnitas taco and steak taco. In my taco adventures these have been the most rewarding. And in the spirit of trying something new, I took Michael's suggestion and ordered a chorizo con papas (sausage with potatoes) taco. At $2.50 each, the splurge for three tacos was completely worth it.

With my lime Jarritos in hand, Michael and I headed to the park across the street to enjoy our freshly made tacos. The were simple and traditional -- the way I love them. Topped only with cilantro and chopped onion, each taco tasted incredible. I ate the carnitas taco first. The pork was drier than I expected, but with enough salsa on top (I prefer the green tomatillo salsa), the taco was quite enjoyable. Steak was taco #2 and boy, oh boy, was it delicious! Whatever the steak was cooked in or with added tremendous flavor. It took a mere 3 bites for me to finish the taco. The most interesting taco, however, was the chorizo y papas that I saved for last. The flavor of the soft potatoes in combination with the mild spice of the chorizo made for an complete flavor palette. The double tortilla wrapping held up nicely for all three tacos and the slight sweetness of the corn tortilla added to the mouthful of flavors. Fantastic food and even better company. I was so happy.

This secret taco deli is a gem. I could easily become a regular. Do try this place if you are in New York. I will go as far to say you should make a special trip to Tehuitzingo if you are travelling the city in search of tacos. My mouth is watering just thinking about them.


  1. Que interesante que has encontrado con un director de filme para el almuerzo! Y tambien, estoy de acuerdo que las cosas mas simples son las mas puedo esperar ayudarte en este busqueda deliciosa en Chicagolandia!! jaja

  2. Love this post - I'll have to find my way over there sometime soon!

    When do we get some Chicago Taco love?!


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