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I know what all the craze is about...TACOS

Empellon 230 West 4 th Street New York Empellon has been recommended to me at least three times this summer. It is the hot new place for amazing Mexican food. And ABSURDLYDELICIOUSMOUTHWATERING TACOS! With my sister and my mom we figured we would never get a last-minute reservation on a Saturday night, but my sister tried and succeeded and we were set (and at the reasonable hour of 7:45 no less)! The loud, hip, dim-lit front room at Empellon is worlds different from the quieter, relaxed, bright back room. But all booked up, we settled at our table in the front room and began the adventure. The cocktails, although small, were fresh and quenched the thirst that a Saturday of hanging out will create. We opted for the guacamole and 2 salsas -- chili arbole and smoked cashew -- which were fantastic. The guacamole was basic but combined with either of the two saulsces (salsa/sauces because of their smooth consistency) it took on new levels of deliciousness. Beware, the chil

Zagat weighs in on Mexican

Here it is...Zagat Buzz 8 Best Mexican Restaurants in NYC I've only been to two!! HELP!

They Draw & They..... What a cool website! Makes me want to take our my watercolors....and fry pan/blender/baking sheet. Oh. And They Draw & They Travel! Haven't quite figured this one out, but I'm working on it.

Better late than never...

The blogger's dilemma hits again and I've been terrible at keeping this baby updated. Despite the ease that comes with the ch-ch-ch-changes (see previous post). Well, better late than never and here are some of the excellent gluten-free finds I've had this summer. Oh, and they are delicious. Papardella 316 Columbus Ave New York This is a great Italian restaurant. Very classic/old-school with a ridiculous wine assortment. AND they have a gluten-free menu. This gluten-free menu is divine. Everything (and more) on the regular menu can be made gluten-free. Pizza, pasta, garlic bread, bruschetta . You name it! This is an Upper West Side staple and whether you are gluten-free or not, the food is fresh and delicious and the staff is beyond friendly. For $1.00 you can get a gluten-free roll to dip in your olive oil, and there is nothing more enjoyably than sharing bread with the non-gluten-free brethren. The Claudia Cardinale cocktail -- prosecco and St. Germai


I've been considering make a change to this blog. I think a change is needed. I'm not blogging the way I intended. I love tacos, don't get me wrong! But not everyone is willing to live solely on Mexican cuisine. I have to make accommodations based on the other people I choose to dine with. However, regardless of the cuisine, the location, the people, I always eat gluten-free. But being a "gluten-free blogger" is not in my future. Blogging is hard! You feel an obligation to your (5) followers and to document the experiences you frame your blog around. For more on my love/hate relationship with blogging and "The Blogger's Dilemma" read this . So what to do? Change the blog a little bit. That's my solution. Introducing............ BLOCHO'S TACOS: Eating gluten-free, and preferably Mexican, but also just enjoying life and finding a way to document the experiences in the modern technological world we have become accustomed to! When some

Food Truck Tacos

Hummingbird To Go Foster St and Sheridan Ave, Evanston , IL @ hummingbirdtogo Food trucks are awesome. They travel around giving their delicious grub to a wide consumer base and they often use sustainable practices, such as compostable containers. Plus, they help foster a sense of excitement and adventure in the lives of foodies. To me, food trucks are the adult version of the ice cream truck. You get super stoked when it's coming to your neighborhood and, at least for us food truck deprived Evanstonians , it is a special treat. I loved going to the ice cream truck when I was a kid and, to no surprise, I always devoured my ChocoTaco . Unfortunately, today's tacos were not chocolate but were incredible delicious. Short rib tacos on amazing hearty (and stable!) corn tortillas. The slightly picante salsa verde that came along was fantastic. The tacos were also quite full...not Gordon Taqueria style with all the fixins , but there was a significant amount of meat in thes