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Holiday Season Tacos

Cascabel Taqueria 1538 2nd Ave (at 80th St) New York, NY and Columbus Circle Holiday Market! The Holiday Season in New York is characterized by the multitude of holiday markets around Manhattan -- Union Square, Grand Central Station, and Columbus Circle are a few of my favorites. Whether you're shopping for yourself or for your friends and loved ones, there always are a multitude of gift options available at these markets. Today, despite the 28 degree weather, my friend Molly and I ventured out to the Columbus Circle market ready to browse. I've walked past the market hundreds of times since returning to NY for the Holidays and knew that a Taqueria had set up shop within the market. The time had come to indulge. I am back in my taco homeland. I approached the small Cascabel Taqueria booth and my mouth began watering. Although the actual Taqueria has an more in-depth menu (including brunch and tequila), the booth was offering chicken and carnitas tacos. Fine by me. I chose