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Cousins do Tacos!

Dos Toros 137 4th Avenue New York, NY For weeks I have been meaning to stop by Dos Toros. When I was working, we ended right in front of this taqueria, but at 8pm on a weeknight the place is jammed! With a line out the door I knew I had to try the food, but I would wait for a slightly tamer time. My cousin, Jonathan, suggested I add Dos Toros to my list of visited taquerias when I told him about my blog. We made a plan and this afternoon we met at Dos Toros for lunch. The space reminds me of BurittoVille, a local NYC chain that disbanded a few years ago and left me quick Mexican food-less for some time. The wooden tables and leather-seated stools make the place feel comfortable, homey, and conducive to a quick bite or a drawn out lunch. I ordered 2 tacos -- one basic (rice and beans) and the other carne asada (steak) in soft corn tortillas (obviously). Watching them make the tacos at the counter allowed you to personalize it however you like. I went all in -- pico de gallo, guaca