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Back in NY

Hell's Kitchen 679 Ninth Ave New York, NY Good News: I'm back in NY where taco shops are easy to come by and tend to be pretty good. Bad News: I'm working like crazy and have not had enough time to sample all the tacos I possible can. Despite the bad news, I managed to try some tacos the other night with my dad. We met up at Hell's Kitchen, a restaurant I've passed numerous times but had yet to dine in, and settled down for a wonderful meal. The "corn cake" with black-bean dip they brought out as the "bread and butter" to whet our appetites was scrumptious. I particularly enjoyed the juxtaposition of texture and temperature (heat and spice) that the dip provided. My dad and I split an appetizer...some seafood tostada . (Of course I am blogging a little late and the online menu seems to have changed from my visit thus limiting the specificity of my post; but a good sign that they keep updating their food!) Delicious and