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I've been slacking.  On blog posting and taco eating.  I'm embarrassed to even boast that I have a blog about taco-ish things. Today I received an email. 3 Taco Shops to know.  I know 1.  Empellon al Pastor opened recently and comes from the amazing line of Empellon Taqueria and Empellon Cocina.  I know it, but I've never been.  And the others?  Maybe I have heard them mentioned once before, but really they all sounded pretty new.   And I call myself a taco blogger.  Sheesh. Well, clearly this needs to be remedied in the upcoming months and what better way to spend my November and December than eating tacos? But check out this guide, because everything looks way delicious.

Command Squiggle

Command + ~ = LIFE CHANGER I usually have multiple tabs in multiple windows open on Chrome.  I find it really frustrating to click back and forth between the windows.  Today I reach for Alt + Tab to switch from Chrome to Microsoft Word and given that my fingers were a bit lazy, I discovered Command and ~.  I switched between Chrome windows! Cheers to productivity! (This all occurred on a Mac.  Cannot speak for PCs at this time.)


I love a good infographic.  My dad often forwards me his Daily Infographic email when the topic is something he knows I'll love...How to Moonwalk, 50 Things Every Traveler Should Know, Beer and Your Body (I'm gluten free), and my all time favorite: A Visual Guide to Reading His Texts (Thanks, Dad.) Today I found an infographic about Tacos.  It's pretty awesome. Thanks to  fitsme  for enlightening me with this Taco Food Pyramid.