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Shabbat Stroll

Shabbat Shalom.  TGIF.  Weekend kick-off. Today is Friday. Feeling in need of a mental detox post-work and pre-weekend, I decided to walk along The High Line.  In college as a Project Wildcat counselor, I led groups of incoming freshman on multi-day backpacking trips through Minnesota.  We encouraged our campers to go on a solo hike or a pair hike.  This was one of the only times on the trip when they had the chance to really decompress, reflect, get to know themselves or another person, and just be. On my solo hike in this urban jungle of New York City I did just that. Lots of thoughts crossed my mind.  I decided I wanted to become a famous Instagram personality.  And take a photography class.  And buy an apartment.  And move to Australia.  And become a regular at some hip NYC restaurant.  Those are a few of the many ideas that sprouted on my walk.  I relished this time to just let go and let be.  The thought that it was Friday, that this was the start of my Shabbat, was inext

Why Taco when you can Tostada?

I really love tacos.  The soft corn tortilla, the warm and flavorful meat, the endless options of "toppings" -- cilantro, onion, guacamole, salsa, pomegranate seeds, mustard (yes, try the Short-Rib Pastrami taco at Empellon Cocina ),  Sometimes, when I want to spice things up, I order Tostadas.  It's a completely different experience.  Crispy. Slightly messy.  Usually with beans, guac, and/or sour cream. Well, today I discovered (via Instagram and The Infatuation), Taqueria Diana .  When you first open their website and the menu page, it looks like they only serve chicken and tostadas.  I got really really excited.  A place with only  tostadas?! That's like a Taqueria revolution. Quickly came to realize that their menu contains more than that, but I'm excited to go and try their tostadas!