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Food Truck Tacos

Hummingbird To Go Foster St and Sheridan Ave, Evanston , IL @ hummingbirdtogo Food trucks are awesome. They travel around giving their delicious grub to a wide consumer base and they often use sustainable practices, such as compostable containers. Plus, they help foster a sense of excitement and adventure in the lives of foodies. To me, food trucks are the adult version of the ice cream truck. You get super stoked when it's coming to your neighborhood and, at least for us food truck deprived Evanstonians , it is a special treat. I loved going to the ice cream truck when I was a kid and, to no surprise, I always devoured my ChocoTaco . Unfortunately, today's tacos were not chocolate but were incredible delicious. Short rib tacos on amazing hearty (and stable!) corn tortillas. The slightly picante salsa verde that came along was fantastic. The tacos were also quite full...not Gordon Taqueria style with all the fixins , but there was a significant amount of meat in thes