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2. A Taco Tour (in Three Parts)

Part Two. Otto’s Tacos As we entered Otto’s Tacos, I quickly realized that our extremely scientific taco taste test methodology was flawed. We did not agree on a standardized taco flavor to try at every spot therefore committing to comparing apples to oranges to chorizo to pollo. Also, the type of taco (sit down restaurant vs fast casual) was also mis-matched. However, I bit my tongue and pushed onwards still excited for the plethora of tacos I had in my future. At Otto’s we were greeted by Maggie, the cheerful woman behind the counter, who was busy entering take out and delivery orders, much to her chagrin, and by the time she was ready for our order was flustered but appeasing. We wanted to take advantage of the taco + a beer deal, but rather than order a beer, I wanted a horchata. She said she couldn’t do the official swap, but could throw in the Horchata if we tipped her. So #winning. Maggie! We ordered the special of the day - a crispy short rib taco and th

1. A Taco Tour (in Three Parts)

Part One. I have recently returned to life in the USA after a two year stint living in London. I loved London. Life felt more manageable there compared to the hectic hubbub of New York City and I had all of  Europe in my backyard. I took advantage of this...and more than just Europe. In two years, I set foot in 23 different countries, many more cities and made sure to eat my way through all these new lands. One thing I missed the most about the States, about NY...and about some of my favorite American cities, LA and Austin and San Francisco, was TACOS. Apparently Mexican cuisine exists in London. I had my fare share of “Mexican style” food, but I missed the true true warm-tortilla-sizzling-meat-oil-and-toppings-dripping-out-the-back-end-of-the tortilla-all-over-my-hands tacos that I have come to adore in my taco eating adventures. So once happily back in the Big Apple, my friend, Harry, suggested that we catch up over tacos and tequila. Music to my ears. Plus, we were both