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Back from a Hiatus

Barrio Cafe 2814 N. 16 th Street Phoenix, AZ I have been sans taco for weeks. Evanston is not home to many taco-serving venues and I have not yet ventured beyond the town's limits. However, as Thanksgiving rolled around, I traveled to Phoenix, AZ to celebrate the holiday with my family. Knowing that Arizona is closer to Mexico than Illinois, I expected to find some good food in the Southwest. For dinner we headed to Barrio Cafe, a small restaurant located in a strip mall in Phoenix. The walls were adorned with modern portraits by, what I assume to be, a local artist. The feeling was authentic and the statement "Please conserve water, drink tequila" that was added to each page of the menu made me confident that the night would bring good fun and good food. We split the Quesadilla de Camaron Borracho (drunken shrimp) as an appetizer. The 4 small corn tortilla were topped with melted Oaxacan cheese and queso de cabra (goat cheese). The flavor of the shrimp,