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I've been considering make a change to this blog. I think a change is needed. I'm not blogging the way I intended. I love tacos, don't get me wrong! But not everyone is willing to live solely on Mexican cuisine. I have to make accommodations based on the other people I choose to dine with. However, regardless of the cuisine, the location, the people, I always eat gluten-free. But being a "gluten-free blogger" is not in my future. Blogging is hard! You feel an obligation to your (5) followers and to document the experiences you frame your blog around. For more on my love/hate relationship with blogging and "The Blogger's Dilemma" read this . So what to do? Change the blog a little bit. That's my solution. Introducing............ BLOCHO'S TACOS: Eating gluten-free, and preferably Mexican, but also just enjoying life and finding a way to document the experiences in the modern technological world we have become accustomed to! When some