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Not Rocking Horse RANCH

but..... Rocking Horse Cafe 162 Eighth Avenue NYC For months I've been looking for a reason to eat at Rocking Horse Cafe.  In middle school my class went on a weekend trip to Rocking Horse Ranch.  A reunion with one of my elementary/middle school best friends, Hilary, who experienced Rocking Horse Ranch with me back in the day seemed to be the perfect excuse for such a dining adventure. On a cold Thursday night, I ventured to Rocking Horse Cafe excited about the idea of chips, salsa, and a delicious margarita.  I was met by all three!  The "chips" were corn tortilla halves a.k.a. HUGE and the salsa was perfectly piquant and had a much thicker and smooth consistency compared to a Tostitos type salsa.  I opted for the Blood Orange margarita which was more tasty than Blood Orange flavored, but I loved it.  As for the grub, Hilary and I decided to split everything and ordered the Tacos de Dorado (Mahi-Mahi) that came on three mini tortillas with a cabbage slaw (not an

Boozey Brunch

Agave 140 7th Ave South NYC What is better than a boozey brunch on a cold rainy Sunday?  Not much.  Today I went to Agave in the West Village for a delicious brunch with my old high school friends.  We all made the trek (immediately the furthest distance was the UWS, but more abstractly it was London) for a wonderful experience at Agave.  I have had this place on my list of restaurants to try for a long time and I was not disappointed.  For $24.95 you get bottomless mimosas/wine/sangria/margaritas and a delectable brunch entree.  I opted for the Southwestern Eggs Benedict (no English muffin).  Poached eggs, tomato, avocado, chipotle hollandaise sauce.  YUM!  The eggs definitely needed salt (and an extra kick with some Cholula), but I left agave feeling satisfied.  And the margaritas are delicious and strong.  Nothing wrong with that. I'll be back to test out the dinner.

A Bloch-head goes to Blockheads

Blockhead's Burritos Worldwide Plaza  50th Bet. 8th & 9th (and many more locations...) I always associated Blockhead's Burritos with Harry's Burritos (which I do NOT like), but finally I decided it was time for me to give Blockhead's a try.  On a chilly Wednesday night, despite the crowds waiting in midtown for the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, I headed to Blockhead's for dinner with a friend.  The margarita menu was extensive, the chips were perfectly crisp, and my beef picadillo tacos were mmm mmm good!   Definitely a good place to know about and I'm sure I'll be returning.  Plus, they have lots of veggie/dairy free options for others with allergies or sensitivities.