The Best (new) NYC (delivered) Breakfast

Tired of boring bagels and cream cheese for the office breakfast?


In November, I learned about Farm 2 Tacos and am bewildered that it has taken me so long to blog about this brilliant concept.  Delivery breakfast tacos!

The variety of flavors and combinations is quite astonishing -- from fillings to tortilla types -- you can really make this a crowd pleaser. I'm looking forward to:

Maple Bacon
Indian Eggs (what is that?)
Chunky Guacamole
Pure Brisket
Spicy Potatoes
Corn tortilla. Always. 
(But if you want flour, spelt, whole wheat etc, you can have that too.)

30 tacos for approximately $150 does seem a bit more expensive than the bagel and CC route, but well worth it.  Think of all the protein and veggie goodness!

Hopefully I will order these soon and will review them more promptly.


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