Despite my inability to eat the fortune cookies that come with an order of Chinese food, I love cracking them open and reading the hilarious fortunes bestowed upon me.

Every once in a while I receive a fortune that really seems to fit.  I slip that little slice of paper into my wallet and occasionally stumble upon it and am reminded of its relevance.

In an effort to Marie Kondo my life and throw out all joyless items, I was reaching for my insurance card and decided to clean out my wallet.  Why keep these pieces of paper when I can digitize them?  So, I did.

Executive Ability is prominent in your makeup.
Sweet.  Fortune 500, here I come!

Don't wait for your ship to come in; swim out to it.
Yes. Seize life. Grab onto it. Carpe diem.

Brief philosophical diatribe on fortune cookies.  Have you ever ordered one entree, one appetizer, and one side for yourself knowing that you'll have leftovers and receive 18 fortune cookies?  This is either a generous gift from the person that packaged your meal, or a subtle hint that maybe you have enough food to feed an army.  I prefer the former.


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