Tacos & Cleanses & Yoga

Tacos. I love them.
Cleanses. I love them. (Yep, I do.)
Yoga. I love it.

After leaving one of the best yoga classes I've taken at Om Factory - Fashion District, I checked my phone and had a message waiting from my sister.  No words.  Just a link.

This link.


I knew this would be epic.  Taco cleanse yoga poses?  There was nothing in the URL that I didn't like.  A taco cleanse may seem like the opposite of the ever popular juice cleanse, but isn't there something to be said for changing up our routines?

Salivating over the idea of eating tacos post-yoga, I quickly learned about the book The Taco Cleanse (I will be starting my cleanse on Cinco de Mayo, of course) and the hilarious Taco Yoga Poses below.

From The Taco Cleanse and http://greatideas.people.com/2016/01/06/taco-cleanse-yoga-poses/

The brilliant minds behind this cleanse and detoxifying yogic culinary experience are my heroes.  They put a smile on my face, whet my appetite, and made me feel great about my lunchtime yoga practice.

What a great find on Taco Tuesday.  Namaste.  Namastaco.


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