Thursday, April 24, 2014

Tacombi reaches North

La Fonda Nolita, Tacombi Tacos.  A Mexican food mecca in NoLita.  The only reason I am writing about tacos while cleansing is that I really love Tacombi and the folks behind the place are opening a NEW restaurant in Flatiron -- Cafe El Presidente.

Any time of day you go, Tacombi is likely to be jam-packed with neighborhood regulars, tourists, young, old etc, and all having a wonderful time.  I imagine the same will be said of Cafe El Presidente.  Once I'm eating solid food, this place will be at the top of my "To Do" list.  They even have breakfast offerings (although probably not gfree).  

My first time at Tacombi was back in August when I gathered with friends for a late Saturday evening dinner.  It was delicious and made all that much better by the company.

Sangria! (They only have Wine/Sangria/Cerveza)


Shrimp and ????
Too long ago to remember, but I loved them both!

I also discovered my favorite iteration of ice coffee at Tacombi a few weeks ago.  Rather than use milk to lighten the cafe, I put horchata in!  Coffee + Sweet Rice Milk = Yum.

GrubStreet, Eater, TimeOut NY, and UrbanDaddy have all been waxing eloquent on Cafe El Presidente, and more specifically, the Al Pastor tacos.  With all this hype let's hope I can get in. 

Dreaming of tacos in a few weeks.....