Sunday, June 26, 2016

Continental Favorites

Upon hearing that I have a blog devoted to tasting tacos from around the country (and globe), people ask me where to find the best tacos -- what is my favorite?  I tend to give a complicated answer.  

"It depends what you're looking for."

In New York, if you want upscale Mexican with delicious tacos and kick-ass margaritas: Empellon Taqueria in the West Village.

If you're looking for super standard street-style no-frills tacos, Tehuitzingo Deli.

The spot for delicious tacos but where the all-star menu item is not tacos: El Centro.

The list and descriptors goes on.

Well, when venturing to Los Angeles, it seems that everyone agrees upon one favorite: Guisado's

Guisado's on Sunset (original is in Boyle Heights)

Now I understand why.  These tacos are easily in the top 5 of all tacos I've tasted.  They win big with the tortillas.  Stone ground corn masa is turned into delectable, hearty, fresh-made tortillas that hold up to the messiest of taco toppings.  Rumor has it that they deliver the fresh masa to all of their locations first thing in the morning so everyone can enjoy the signature taste that defines a Guisado's taco.

In an effort to experience as much Guisado's as possible, I got the sampler plate -- 6 mini tacos adorably arranged.  2 Pork, 2 Chicken, 2 Steak.  Classic AF.  The Guisado's specialty is that they braise their meats so you will always get a stewy, flavorful, meat-melting-in-your-mouth experience.

I was lucky enough to also get a bite of the grilled fish taco which, as my followers know, is not usually a favorite of mine (booo tilapia).  But whatever fish they put in this taco was supreme.  Fresh. Light.  A crunch of cabbage. I'd eat this fish taco any day.

There is no doubt in my mind: Guisado's knows tacos.

Plus, they have some delicious horchata (maybe a Blocho's Tacos #1 Horchata) and agua frescas.  I recommend blending the melon y limon for a tropical party in your mouth.

Peep that horchata and "Arnold Palmito" with Melon and Limon
Basically, you're denying yourself pure bliss if you're in LA and looking for tacos and do not go to Guisado's.  Don't do that.  Just go.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Life Beyond Tacos?

Recently, I've been thinking about my digital brand and online presence.  I am Blocho's Tacos. And more.

This online log of tacos and other foods and places has become an element of my identity and a go-to place to personally and publicly explore my "musings".  My identity stretches far beyond tacos.  So, is it inauthentic to use this as a forum for non-taco related things?  Do I need multiple digital outlets for my different interests?

I'm still not sure.

All I know is that as challenging as it is to admit, there is life beyond tacos that I've started exploring.

But there will always be tacos.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Tacos & Cleanses & Yoga

Tacos. I love them.
Cleanses. I love them. (Yep, I do.)
Yoga. I love it.

After leaving one of the best yoga classes I've taken at Om Factory - Fashion District, I checked my phone and had a message waiting from my sister.  No words.  Just a link.

This link.

I knew this would be epic.  Taco cleanse yoga poses?  There was nothing in the URL that I didn't like.  A taco cleanse may seem like the opposite of the ever popular juice cleanse, but isn't there something to be said for changing up our routines?

Salivating over the idea of eating tacos post-yoga, I quickly learned about the book The Taco Cleanse (I will be starting my cleanse on Cinco de Mayo, of course) and the hilarious Taco Yoga Poses below.

From The Taco Cleanse and

The brilliant minds behind this cleanse and detoxifying yogic culinary experience are my heroes.  They put a smile on my face, whet my appetite, and made me feel great about my lunchtime yoga practice.

What a great find on Taco Tuesday.  Namaste.  Namastaco.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

An Oscar Worthy Short Film*

Picture this:
One man.
Three tacos.
Chips and guac.


That is exactly what you'll get in this made-for-virtual-reality short film.  Danny Trejo has a taco shop in LA and you can watch him eat his eponymous tacos for three minutes.  It's fascinating.

My favorite part is his amusement at the lettuce-"shelled" taco.

This video made me really hungry.

*This doesn't deserve an Oscar, but I still love it.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Best (new) NYC (delivered) Breakfast

Tired of boring bagels and cream cheese for the office breakfast?


In November, I learned about Farm 2 Tacos and am bewildered that it has taken me so long to blog about this brilliant concept.  Delivery breakfast tacos!

The variety of flavors and combinations is quite astonishing -- from fillings to tortilla types -- you can really make this a crowd pleaser. I'm looking forward to:

Maple Bacon
Indian Eggs (what is that?)
Chunky Guacamole
Pure Brisket
Spicy Potatoes
Corn tortilla. Always. 
(But if you want flour, spelt, whole wheat etc, you can have that too.)

30 tacos for approximately $150 does seem a bit more expensive than the bagel and CC route, but well worth it.  Think of all the protein and veggie goodness!

Hopefully I will order these soon and will review them more promptly.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Despite my inability to eat the fortune cookies that come with an order of Chinese food, I love cracking them open and reading the hilarious fortunes bestowed upon me.

Every once in a while I receive a fortune that really seems to fit.  I slip that little slice of paper into my wallet and occasionally stumble upon it and am reminded of its relevance.

In an effort to Marie Kondo my life and throw out all joyless items, I was reaching for my insurance card and decided to clean out my wallet.  Why keep these pieces of paper when I can digitize them?  So, I did.

Executive Ability is prominent in your makeup.
Sweet.  Fortune 500, here I come!

Don't wait for your ship to come in; swim out to it.
Yes. Seize life. Grab onto it. Carpe diem.

Brief philosophical diatribe on fortune cookies.  Have you ever ordered one entree, one appetizer, and one side for yourself knowing that you'll have leftovers and receive 18 fortune cookies?  This is either a generous gift from the person that packaged your meal, or a subtle hint that maybe you have enough food to feed an army.  I prefer the former.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Two Useful Taco Tools

Today is National Margarita Day*.  It's also Tuesday ergo Taco Tuesday.  What a delightful combination.

I feel like I have not been OUT for tacos in ages.  So I started scoping the interwebs for the latest and greatest NYC tacos.  The Infatuation sent me to Zagat's list of 38 delicious NY tacos (helpful tool #1) and after perusing their page, I clicked through to helpful tool #2.

Best NYC Tacos By Type

BY TYPE.  Brilliant.  Sometimes you're really craving that chicken taco and beef or pork won't cut it.  Alas, your problems are solved.  Have a nice life.

I also like this because most taco places offer multiple types of tacos and how can you really compare a veggie taco to a fish taco?  You're right, you cannot. So, keep things consistent and launch an adventure to eat all chorizo tacos next time you plan a taco tour.

Buen provecho.

*Where do people come up with these?  Who makes them "official"?  Why am I so obsessed with them?