Monday, April 21, 2014

Cleansing, Colonics, and the Internet

Day 1 of the extended cleanseeee (cleanse with 4 Es for 4 times the impact! Maybe?).  Well, so far, so good.  I think I'll start to really question why I'm doing this on day 9.  All in all this will be at least the 7th or 8th time that I've cleansed, but the first time I've done more than 3 days.  In all the cleansing literature I've consumer, people wax eloquent about the important of detoxing with juice and supporting/optimizing this detox with massages, dry brush scrubs, spending time in a sauna or steam room, and...colonics.  Now, one may wonder, "what is a colonic exactly?".  Think about it.  Google it.  Now you know.

I have always understood the theory behind colonics, but they terrified me.  It seems pretty unnatural and uncomfortable.  For the sake of experimenting and really giving this extended cleanse a run for my money (and because a Juice Press store manager and 34-day cleanser recommended it) I will get a colonic.  TMI?  Sorry.

The point of all this mumbo jumbo about detoxification is that I was directed to check out Gravity East Village as a reputable place for colonics and infrared sauna treatments.  I was totally unfamiliar with infrared sauna treatments until perusing the Gravity website, but they sound neat.  I'll get one of those too, please!

The best part of all this discovery was something that makes me smile and really love the internet.  At the bottom of Gravity's "Video" page is a wonderful photo and question with a 4 sentence answer that I absolutely adore.
GRAVITY East Village

Bring me a Buddha and I will happily display it in my home.

As I spend the majority of my day in front of the computer, I continue to discover such wonderful things on the Interwebs.  About people, the world, cleansing, music, Buddhas, food etc, the internet is filled with fantastic tidbits. 

Happy juicing and detoxing (in whatever form you choose...)!