Monday, April 14, 2014


In honor of the start of Passover, I write about delicious (and gluten-free) hametz.

For weeks my coworkers talked about Amy's Bread and the delicious gluteny goodness that is packed into their baked goods.  I tweeted at Amy's to see if they had gluten-free offerings. They do not.

Feeling left out, I fired up to take a look at what "Gluten Free" + "dessert" places were in the neighborhood of our office.  I will say, that considering I'm between Times Square and Port Authority and out my window I can see Chevy's, McDonald's, Auntie Annie's, Crumbs, and Five Guys, I was not super optimistic about gluten-free eateries....until I found.


Cookie Monster would be in heaven at this place!!

Schmackary's Cookies are just about the best thing that ever happened to me, and Hell's Kitchen, and the world of grab-and-go gluten free baked goods.  I ventured out on one of those FREEZING days we had in March and walked into Mecca.  The online menu said there was only one g-free flavor each day, but when I arrived there were tons of gluten free flavored cookies and they were still making fresh ones in the back.  It was so hard to decide!  I finally picked the Sweet Corn (corn flour / cornmeal / sweet corn / cranberries / pecan bits) and the Monster (gluten-free oats / peanut butter / M&M's / semi-sweet chocolate / raisins).  I also picked up a Schmackaroon (cocnut macaroon) that was enormous and well worth the $3.75.

Sweet Corn and Monster cookie

The variety of flavors available is unmatched.  There is definitely something to satisfy everyone's sweet tooth.  Knowing that Schmackary's is a mere five blocks away from office has become a very dangerous tidbit of knowledge.