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Continental Favorites

Upon hearing that I have a blog devoted to tasting tacos from around the country (and globe), people ask me where to find the best tacos -- what is my favorite?  I tend to give a complicated answer.  
"It depends what you're looking for."
In New York, if you want upscale Mexican with delicious tacos and kick-ass margaritas: Empellon Taqueria in the West Village.
If you're looking for super standard street-style no-frills tacos, Tehuitzingo Deli.
The spot for delicious tacos but where the all-star menu item isnot tacos: El Centro.
The list and descriptors goes on.
Well, when venturing to Los Angeles, it seems that everyone agrees upon one favorite: Guisado's

Now I understand why.  These tacos are easily in the top 5 of all tacos I've tasted.  They win big with the tortillas.  Stone ground corn masa is turned into delectable, hearty, fresh-made tortillas that hold up to the messiest of taco toppings.  Rumor has it that they deliver the fresh masa to all of their loc…

Life Beyond Tacos?

Recently, I've been thinking about my digital brand and online presence.  I am Blocho's Tacos. And more.

This online log of tacos and other foods and places has become an element of my identity and a go-to place to personally and publicly explore my "musings".  My identity stretches far beyond tacos.  So, is it inauthentic to use this as a forum for non-taco related things?  Do I need multiple digital outlets for my different interests?

I'm still not sure.

All I know is that as challenging as it is to admit, there is life beyond tacos that I've started exploring.

But there will always be tacos.