Sunday, January 31, 2016


In a world of digital, the newest / latest / greatest app is always of interest to me.  When Snapchat came out a few years ago, I had a lot of questions.  Was it just for sending illicit photos? I used it primarily for sending my sister and close friends the ugliest selfies I could come up with.  I found it hilarious.

I got bored and deleted the app (although my account remained active).

In December, over lunch at Bluestone Lane Cafe (GO THERE IF YOU HAVE YET TO!) I whipped out my phone for the #basic #brunch #avotoast #foodporn Instagram.  I commented to my friend, Lisa, that she had not posted to Instagram in many months.  "I I do everything on Snapchat."

Excuse me?! Tell me more.

Lisa explained to me the ins and outs of Snapchat.  I learned about stories and things disappearing in 24 hours and the chat function and filters.  This could be fun.

So, I re-downloaded Snapchat and began.

I'm hooked.

Why do I like Snapchat?  It's instant and "live". Your story is a compilation of brief vignettes from the past 24 hours.  Nothing lasts forever (unless you download it) and so there is an ease about it.  Rather than spend 45 minutes agonizing over which Instagram filter (X-Pro II or Lo-Fi?!?). Snapchat can bring levity to life.

For those that really don't get it, this is what I say: You know when you're on the subway and some random man has his headphones in and is belting out the words to whatever he's listening to? It's hilarious. You want to share this with someone but you don't want the video on your phone forever and it's really no big deal if no one ever sees it. Use Snapchat.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Most Important Meal of the Day


You don't have to tell me twice.  I believe the breakfast taco originated in Austin, Texas, and has been making moves across the U.S. for year.  The beauty of the breakfast taco is you can make it your own -- a blank corn-tortilla palette.  Like bacon? Prefer chorizo?  Pick your poison. Add it to your taco.  ENJOY.

Saveur offered a recipe for a pretty standard "bacon, egg, and cheese" + avocado + potatoes.  What more do you want in a warm breakfast "sandwich"?

Simple Weeknight Meal, Breakfast Taco

Go forth and breakfast taco!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Why My Grandma is The Coolest

"Hey Gram -- want to have dinner tomorrow night?"

"Sure.  There's also a lecture on Frank Gehry's architecture at 6:30pm.  Can we go to that too?"
Because why only have dinner when you can take each moment to learn something cool!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Cozy Tacos

Bar Menu
Today is Snowmaggedon / Snowpocalypse / Blizzard Jonas.  The wind is whipping, the snow is falling, and if you're not running through the drifts acting like a maniac, you're probably home cozied up with the latest Netflix series or a big bottle of red wine....probably both.

I love going out at times likes these to see what others are doing.  Who is braving the storm? Who is riding the subway? How many cartons of eggs are left in the bodega?

If I had to venture out for food today, choosing a place for delicious tacos would be a no-brainer.  And a cozy atmosphere? I'm surprised I'm not there already.

Looking into the kitchen
La Superior in Williamsburg is just that.  Open late, their mini tacos are the perfect snack and can easily be compiled into a delicious meal.  I ventured to La Superior minutes before the 2 a.m. kitchen closing and was delighted by their taco and guacamole offering.  The tinga de pollo tacos packed a punch and the spice was more on the smoky than mouth-on-fire-spicy spectrum.  I was a big fan.  And their 9-hour slow cooked pork carnitas taco was phenomenal.  If only I had savored it for 9 more hours! 

I don't often find myself in Williamsburg on the search for tacos, but now I'll stop searching.  La Superior has what I need.

Keep in mind, La Superior is cash only! 

Monday, January 4, 2016

When in SF, go to The Mission.

For West Coast/Bay Area aficionados, the place to get delicious (and inexpensive) Mexican food is The Mission.

When I said I wanted tacos (and a burrito for my non-gluten free companions), everyone suggested El Farolito.  Arriving to a line that snaked out of the small NY pizza-joint styled eatery confirmed that this was the place to eat.

Standing outside in the unseasonably cold San Francisco winter weather (low 40s!), we deliberated the offerings and drooled over the menu.  Watching the guys expertly craft the steak quesadillas on the griddle was almost enough to sway my from my true calling.

I opted for an al pastor and carne asada tacos.  Expertly places on double corn tortillas with onions and cilantro, these tacos were good.  Really good.  The meat was juicy and plentiful and although I went a bit overboard on the super spicy salsa (red pico de gallo looking salsa), I balance the intensity with the cooling green tomatillo/avocado (??) option.

Two tacos were plenty of food and by the looks of the delicious horchata that was being dispensed by the minute, I should have added that to my order for a spectacular Farolito meal.

The super burritos were size.  Don't be fooled by the addition of avocado etc as the factors that make this bad boy so super.  Size matters.

Thank you, El Farolito.  You made me smile a taco smile.