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Apples and Alcohol

Being gluten-free made college really hard.  Every party had beer, everyone drank beer, and beer is full of gluten.

Then, I discovered CIDER.  AAJ, Alcoholic Apple Juice, as I call it.  Some ciders taste just like that -- apple juice.  Others have a ferment-y funky taste that I kinda hate and love all at once.  Whatever cider you enjoy, there has been a tremendous boom in new ciders, flavored ciders, and craft and mainstream ciders over the past two years.

Today, Tasting Table bring us Cider 101.  Enjoy.

Cider 101: Your Ultimate Cider Cheat Sheet

My tips for enjoying a cider.

Drink it cold. Very cold.  Maybe even pour it over a glass of ice.Be sure to ask for the ice on the side when ordering a draft cider, otherwise you'll only get about half of what you paid for!Don't let people shame you. Cider is delicious. Cider is alcoholic.  Cider is great.Get funky.  At least once.