Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Never Stop Learning

If you do stop, you'll fall behind.  This, my friends, seems to be reality.

Soft skills, hard skills, juggling skills.

There is SO MUCH INFORMATION AVAILABLE (in books, on the internet, from friends and family and coworkers) and so many things that we can do to learn something new.  This does not have to be learning web design or coding.  I'm talking as simple as a new recipe or a new way of tackling to-do lists.

The point is this:
There is an entire industry dedicated to giving people easy (and often free) access to classes, workshops, and development "forums".  MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are everywhere -- from Skillshare to Udemy to Lynda.com to University of Phoenix!  Dedicate time to yourself and learn something new every three months.  Why not?

A slide from a Project Management workshop I attended

Just before clicking "Publish", I was reminded of The New York Times Magazine article from a few weeks ago that addressed the age gap difference that is developing in Silicon Valley and the new school vs. old school developers and entrepreneur "battle" that is taking place.