Sunday, December 27, 2009

Airport Cuisine

Andale Mexican Restaurant
San Francisco International Airport, California
Terminal 3

As we are in the midst of the Holiday season and my travels back and forth from school to vacation and home, I have become extremely airport savvy. I know how to find a good wireless signal, which bathrooms will be the least crowded, how to get through airport security in record time etc. The one thing that I am still working on mastering is airport dining. The gluten-free options are scarce and there tends to be a lack of healthfulness in airport cuisine. Until now.

After a brief trip to San Francisco to see The Bob Hill Band return home and play an extraordinary show at Slim's, I was en route to New York and hungry in the airport. The food court was bustling with Christmas Eve-day travelers, but I managed to make my way in and secure a spot in line for Andale Mexican Restaurant. I ordered the "Tacos Mexicanos" -- 3 soft corn tortillas with carne asada (grilled beef), chopped onion, cilantro, and salsa verde. Simplicity really is key. These tacos were delicious. The proportion of ingredients was balanced, the flavor was strong, and I was smiling as I boarded my flight.

Well done, Andale! I have a new outlook on airport dining (and one with a little Mexican flare no less).

Happy Holidays!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

"Special" ?

Winter Park, CO

After a long day of skiing in Winter Park, Colorado, I was craving tacos. There is nothing better than noshing on some salty meat-filled tacos as an apres-ski snack. Walking into Lime with a group of friends, we found out that Tuesday was their taco special! Tacos were $2 for shredded chicken, shredded beef, and ground beef and $3 for shrimp and ahi tuna. I was so excited! I ordered one of each (minus the ground beef). After waiting for approximately 25 minutes in a near-empty restaurant my tacos came. The "corn tortillas" were hard corn taco shells. Off to a bad start in my book. (And the funny thing is that the restaurant does have soft corn tortillas.) I was not crazy about the fillings, there wasn't much flavor to any of the tacos -- I could barely distinguish the differences. And they were chock full of cut up romaine lettuce, which due to lack of proper wash and dry procedure made the taco shells soggy. I was thoroughly unsatisfied.

Despite the bad tacos, I returned (reluctantly) later in the week for breakfast and had a delicious dish of huevos rancheros. The eggs were yummy and I was quickly satisfied to the point where I was unable to finish the whole dish. Also, the guac was pretty good.

Give Lime a try, but maybe not for the tacos.