Thursday, April 24, 2014

Belly Blues

When on a juice cleanse, I expect to feel pretty darn great.  In my previous experiences of 3-day cleanses, I have felt on top of the world. Energize.  Clear Headed.  Not so hungry. Light. Flexible.

As Day 4 draws to a close, I feel 96% great.  Definitely energized and clear headed.  That 4% of not-so-great is consumed by my stomach discomfort.  Part of what I love about juice cleanses are that they pretty effectively eliminate bloating and gas.  I'm not feeling that way quite yet.  (This is Day 2 of stomach discomfort starting around 5pm).

Bottle Service.

Today I drank a lot of fruit juices (unintentionally).  Maybe that is why?

Also, I wonder how chia seeds are affecting my digestion/stomach.  They're great for a source of fiber, but maybe they are expanding in my stomach or intestine and causing some discomfort.  Yikes!

My self-prescribed cured: WATER WATER WATER.

Day 4 Menu:
Mother Earth
Doctor Green (Was amazed at how sweet I found this juice.  It was almost too much for me!)
Spicy Citrus
1/2 MILF
Body Fit
Black Label

Aloe Water!