Monday, April 28, 2014

A Case of the Mondays.

Today is Monday.  Today was a bizarre-o day.

I can't quite put my finger on what it was, but today was not normal.

Some good things about today:
-I took my first Flybarre class at Flywheel.  Boy, was that hard! I was a sweaty mess afterwards and am a bit nervous I will be immobile and sore tomorrow.
-I tried the Juice Press Rainforest smoothie (sans agave).  Yummy.  A little sweeter than I expected/wanted.
-I began making my NYC Restaurant Bucket List.  It is super duper long.  Post-cleanse do I start eating out or cooking for myself?   I want to do both!

So why was today non-normal?  Dunno.
I wasn't getting into the groove with my juices.  Maybe it was because I started the day off so sweet, or maybe because I bought such a random hodge-podge of juices, not really considering a daily "menu".  I also wanted to bring my computer to work for a specific project and I didn't.

Juice! And subway feet.

Overwhelming things:
Too many people in New York.  I bumped into and got bumped by many today.
Too many restaurants I want to try.  See above re: bucket list.
Too many aspirations and adventures to strive for/embark upon.  Eat at restaurant vs. cook vs. order in vs. juice.

Too many juices? Never.

But, it is OK to say no.  I give myself (and anyone else) permission.

As my friend said to me today, "just because we live in New York City doesn't mean it needs to be any different than another place.  If I was in Ohio there would still be stuff going on every night.  Maybe not as much of it.  But it's OK to have a lazy night..."