Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Day!

The first time I visited Argentina, I was wearing my "Maddy" nameplate necklace and someone thought my name was MayDay.  Since then, I am known to many as MayDay.

Today is May 1st.  Official May Day.  I feel like it's my birthday!

I usually do not like celebrating my birthday.  Lots of fuss for just a day and then everything goes back to normal.  I often find them disappointing.  Plus, who wants to get older?  However, I love celebrating other people's birthdays and making them feel super special.  One of my dad's memorable birthdays was a few years back.  We had dinner with his mom and his dear friends from business school (who have daughters the same age as my sister and me!) and we ate at the late Mesa Grill, a Bobby Flay favorite.

Happy Birthday
My dad's birthday "cake"
My dad was so happy and loved the degree to which we celebrated.  Nothing over-the-top.  Good people, good food, happy times.

Admiring our "Happy Birthday" singing ability

A happy Birthday Boy!

So if I celebrate May Day, it's not really my birthday.  It is an excuse to just be happy and to recognize how lucky we are to be alive and well.  (Getting a little abstract here...).  Plus, there are so many other positive connotations with the day!


May Pole.

Cats. And a May Pole. Duh.
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Sunshine (except that today is gloomy and humid in NYC).

A fresh start.

Yada, yada, yada.


Also, Happy International Worker's Day.