Hashtag Tacos

I posted a question/poll on Twitter.  Do you know anyone that DOESN'T like tacos?

I am expecting an [overwhelming] response of "NO!".  When you break it down, a taco is a tortilla with some stuff in it.  That stuff can be meat, veggies, or a combination.  Heck, if you want to make a fruit taco, go for it!

Tacos are becoming pretty mainstream.  I'd be hard pressed to find a city without some sort of Mexican food/taco outlet.  Not saying that this will be a good place for tacos, but it's bound to exist.

The proliferation of taco photos on social media has grown significantly.  In honor of everyone's tacograms today for Cinco de Mayo, I provide my hashtag taco mashup.


And oh, so many more.

A few of my favorites:

Major kudos to all the Instagramming from:

Since tacos were not on my juice cleanse menu, I celebrated Cinco de Jugo and channelled the Holiday into my juices.  Check out Spicy Citrus, Tomato Gazpacho, and South of the Border!

I really want a taco.


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