America's Best Tacos a la The Daily Meal (via HuffPo)

My blog mission states:


In other words, I am looking for the best taco in the world with a heavy focus on the United States.

When I was tipped off that The Huffington Post had released an article from The Daily Meal entitled "America's Best Tacos", I got really excited.

HuffPo highlights Torchy's Tacos in Austin, TX (that I absolutely LOVED during my time - and Taco Adventure - in Austin) and Los Tacos No. 1 in Chelsea Market in NYC (which I have visited, but did not blog...sorry.) as two top picks from The Daily Meal's list of 50.

I love this.  I had to stop looking through the slideshow because my mouth was watering. Literally.

"Tacos are a food that inspires fierce loyalty."

I know have lots and lots of new additions to my "Tacos to Try" list...and some travels to do!  It seems like various places in Texas and San Diego should be my first stop.


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