The Subway

Riding the subway in NYC is a unique experience.  No other city has a public transportation system quite like New York's.

I find it fairly easy to navigate (once you get an understanding of all the different lines) and there is something so "New York" about it.  Everyone rides the subway!

Well, there are certainly people who do not.  These people (friends and family of mine, even!) think the subway is dirty, smelly, inconvenient, scary, or some other horrific adjective.  Yes, of course it is!  But not always.  I rarely feel unsafe on the subway.  Even when it smells, I can move cars as soon as I arrive at the next stop.  Maybe it's inconvenient, but so are taxis when they are stuck in traffic or take a stupid route to your destination.

Yesterday I observed two amazing moments on the subway.  One on my way to work.  One on my way home.

On my way to work:
Two kids, I'm guessing 5 and 8, discussing the prank they were going to play on their Dad for April Fool's Day.  It was March 11th.  Their grand plan was to attach a bucket of water to a door so when their Dad opened the door, the water would spill on him.  I liked this idea.  What I liked more were two of the comments they made while plotting this scheme.
"I might make a cardboard bucket."
"Maybe I'll put a live cockroach in the water."

This is why I love kids.
Unbridled creativity.  No one tells them "no". All their ideas may not have a tremendous amount of probability but they have possibility.  These kids take that possibility and run with it.

Moral of the story:  Embrace your crazy ideas.  Someone may find them interesting.

On my way home:
Although I had been sitting all day, I decided to make my way to an open seat in the car.  The woman to my left was reading an article from The New York Times (I quickly identified the publication based on typeface and layout) that was on the topic of Women in Business, particularly in leadership roles.  I love these types of articles, but didn't remember seeing it in my weekend paper (or my online diligence).  The article was in the Sunday, October 13, 2013 issue of the NYT.  Again, this was March 11, 2014.

Moral of the story:  If there is an article in the paper (or a magazine, or online) that you do really want to read, hang on to it.  You will find the time.  Also, check out Pocket and save things there for "offline" reading.  A fantastic new resource for my subway rides.

I think this is the the article she was reading.  Four Executives on Succeeding in Business as a Woman. I had read this back in October.

Other Public Transportation Systems I have opinions on:

Chicago - The El/L is fine as long as you are not trying to move laterally North or South of the Loop.  But, the majority of stations are outside and did you know Chicago has bad winters?
London - The Tube!  I love the Tube.  I also think the Oyster Card is brilliant.  Easier than swiping a MetroCard (NYC) and your fare is dependent on where you start and end.  One stop is cheaper than 10!
Buenos Aires - Is this surprising given my most recent posts?  I am not super familiar with the transportation system, but their bus (el bondi) system is very elaborate and seems to be able to get you anywhere in the city.  Sure, the buses break down sometimes, but who cares!


  1. I love this post, and I love New York, and I love MTA! Building a bucket out of cardboard is an adorable idea. Re: Oyster card, did you know NYC is going to implement a touch system? And that the guy from LCD Soundsystem wants to make it musical...!? Cool, right?


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