A Taco Investment

I would love to buy a taco for $2.75.  Can I see a menu?

This article caught my eye, as do most things related to tacos/Mexican cuisine.  But it's less about tacos and more about investments.  Read on:

Buying a $2.75 Taco? This App Invests Your 25¢ Change in the Markets

"Getting in the habit of socking away money is good. The problem is that at current rates, the dollars just sit there, earning almost zero interest."

I really love the concept.  Start investing early.  That's my motto.  And spare change goes a long way.  I had a friend that used to put her coins (pennies, nickels, dimes, but not quarters) in the trash.  Yes, I know it costs more than $0.01 to manufacture a penny, but these things do add up! TD Bank has the "Penny Arcade" to help people count coins and encourage the little ones to start saving early.  

Stay tuned....Android (and iPhone) app will hopefully be out Q2 2014!


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