Austin III

"Keep Austin Weird. Support Local Businesses."

This is Austin's motto and one that resonates with me.

The facts are as follows:
I am weird.
Austin is weird.
Weird things are entertaining.
Therefore, I am entertaining, as is Austin, TX.

Dos Equis knows local marketing!

I may not be that entertaining, but Austin certainly was.  Coming from New York City which seems to have everything and everyone, I was surprised that I was never really bored in Austin. Yes, everything was new so had an exciting appeal, but even during the weekdays when the main drags of Austin were relatively quiet (I guess people do have jobs...) there was something really peaceful about sitting in a cafe and reading the latest edition of Edible Austin.  I did not feel like I needed to go out and take advantage of the 16 bajillion things happening that minute (as sometimes I do feel in New York).  I just existed.  I embraced the calm. And that was delightful.  Delightfully weird.


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