Austin, a recap.

I finally made it to the city that I love and had a wonderful time.

In addition to tacos, I also ate some delicious other meals/snacks in ATX.

At Max's Wine Dive I ate fried chicken and champagne (because "why the hell not?" they boast on their site.)  It had been years since I tasted the fatty crunchy yum of fried chicken (gluten-free, of course) and I was happy to be back in the game.  They also brought the chicken along with a chipotle honey that I could not stop slathering onto my bird.
Fried Chicken pairs perfectly with a glass of bubbly!
I had an epic burger at HopDoddy's on South Congress. They too catered to the glutards of the world with a "non-gluten" bun option.  The line wrapping around the building was initially intimidating but well worth the wait (and it moved rather fast).  I ordered that day's Daily Special -- a burger topped with pulled pork and cole slaw and maybe some other things....cheese....but I was busy trying not to have a heart attack to remember.  I also had truffle fries and a salted caramel milkshake.  It was a big day and oh so yummy.

A toasted gluten-free bun!
In order to caffeinate during my stay, I made my way to The Brew & Brew which serves coffee and beer (at 8am, I chose a coffee).  They speak of a Modular Espresso machine on their website, so I ordered a latte from this sleek and minimalist apparatus and it was extremely tasty, although a bit too luke warm for my liking.  I need something piping hot for a chilly Austin morning!
Check out the Espresso machines in the back!  They look like large faucets.

I also ate fried pickles from a food truck.  The gluten-freeness was questionable, but their flavor and perfect salty crispiness was not.

It was a shame that I did not eat any BBQ (I hear Stubb's is a great place) or hear live music (Austin is the Live Music Capital of the World....gasp!) or spend a night out on East 6th Street.  These are all very Austiny things to do and I know I will return and do them.  I must.

Other things I did: 
  • Visited UT's campus and took a walk around the enormous football stadium.  Go Bevo!
  • Strolled through the Blanton Museum of Art and saw some really amazing exhibits of modern art
  • Walked a bajillion miles
  • Picked up a copy of Edible Austin and learned about what's cookin' (pun intended) in the Austin area
  • Tried to say y'all
  • Sat in the lobby of the famous Driskill Hotel where the Texas Rangers plotted to capture Bonnie and Clyde
  • Strolled around the Capitol Building and passed by the Governor's Mansion

Almost all of my experiences in Austin have been documented.  Here you go.

And some things are just better left unsaid (unblogged).


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