Cómodo, the Spanish word for "comfortable" and the name of the restaurant I went to last Saturday is the perfect way to describe my experience.  It was comfortable, warm, and completely unpretentious.

I learned about this restaurant via Tasting Table's Friday email blast.  The subject was "Argentine Farmhouse chic..." so I was immediately hooked!  The email was highlighting a new restaurant in Fort Greene, Colonia Verde, the newest outpost from the couple behind Cómodo in SoHo.

Although the menus are fairly similar, obviously I must try both.  Seeing as SoHo is more convenient than Brooklyn, I ventured to the cozy little (well, medium-sized) Cómodo for dinner with friends.  Everything on the menu looked incredibly appetizing, but I opted for the following:

Sautéed Brussels sprouts with a mustardy-avocado Parmesan dressing

Lamb sliders served on homemade Brazilian cheese bread with a chipotle cream sauce

Yum.  Where do I start?  Warm + Brussels Sprouts = Winner.  Always.  The salad was simultaneously hearty and light and simply arranged in a small round stack in the center of the plate.  This is the type of dish I could eat every day.  And, as a mustard fanatic, I loved the spicy tang of the dressing.  They also serve this dish on their brunch menu which is a) called The Sierra, b) named after Grub Street Assistant Editor (and fellow Northwestern Alum...Go 'Cats!) Sierra Tishgart and c) topped with a poached egg.  Now that I need to try!

My appetizer "main course" was the lamb sliders.  Again, Lamb + Pao de Queijo (cheesy bread) = Winner.  The lamb in this dish was incredibly flavorful.  I did really enjoy the chipotle cream for the addition of the smokey heat, but it was not necessary.  The flavors were incredibly in sync and the 3 sliders were enough to fill me up.  

One of my friends ordered the Warm Kale and Quinoa Salad which was perfect for a cold night and the salty feta cheese perfectly balanced the sweet dried blueberries.  It was a festival of textures and flavors!

So many more things on the menu I want to try, such as:
Chipotle Rubbed Cod
Coffee Rubbed Chochinita
Whole Brook Trout

I truly felt like I was being welcomed into someone's home for a freshly cooked meal.  It makes sense that this restaurant is a translation of the puerta cerrada that owners Felipe and Tamy Donnelly once operated.
Cuando la comida es compartida sabe mejor.
When food is shared, it tastes better.  
I agree.


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