In a world of digital, the newest / latest / greatest app is always of interest to me.  When Snapchat came out a few years ago, I had a lot of questions.  Was it just for sending illicit photos? I used it primarily for sending my sister and close friends the ugliest selfies I could come up with.  I found it hilarious.

I got bored and deleted the app (although my account remained active).

In December, over lunch at Bluestone Lane Cafe (GO THERE IF YOU HAVE YET TO!) I whipped out my phone for the #basic #brunch #avotoast #foodporn Instagram.  I commented to my friend, Lisa, that she had not posted to Instagram in many months.  "I I do everything on Snapchat."

Excuse me?! Tell me more.

Lisa explained to me the ins and outs of Snapchat.  I learned about stories and things disappearing in 24 hours and the chat function and filters.  This could be fun.

So, I re-downloaded Snapchat and began.

I'm hooked.

Why do I like Snapchat?  It's instant and "live". Your story is a compilation of brief vignettes from the past 24 hours.  Nothing lasts forever (unless you download it) and so there is an ease about it.  Rather than spend 45 minutes agonizing over which Instagram filter (X-Pro II or Lo-Fi?!?). Snapchat can bring levity to life.

For those that really don't get it, this is what I say: You know when you're on the subway and some random man has his headphones in and is belting out the words to whatever he's listening to? It's hilarious. You want to share this with someone but you don't want the video on your phone forever and it's really no big deal if no one ever sees it. Use Snapchat.


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