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Today is Snowmaggedon / Snowpocalypse / Blizzard Jonas.  The wind is whipping, the snow is falling, and if you're not running through the drifts acting like a maniac, you're probably home cozied up with the latest Netflix series or a big bottle of red wine....probably both.

I love going out at times likes these to see what others are doing.  Who is braving the storm? Who is riding the subway? How many cartons of eggs are left in the bodega?

If I had to venture out for food today, choosing a place for delicious tacos would be a no-brainer.  And a cozy atmosphere? I'm surprised I'm not there already.

Looking into the kitchen
La Superior in Williamsburg is just that.  Open late, their mini tacos are the perfect snack and can easily be compiled into a delicious meal.  I ventured to La Superior minutes before the 2 a.m. kitchen closing and was delighted by their taco and guacamole offering.  The tinga de pollo tacos packed a punch and the spice was more on the smoky than mouth-on-fire-spicy spectrum.  I was a big fan.  And their 9-hour slow cooked pork carnitas taco was phenomenal.  If only I had savored it for 9 more hours! 

I don't often find myself in Williamsburg on the search for tacos, but now I'll stop searching.  La Superior has what I need.

Keep in mind, La Superior is cash only! 


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