Surprisingly Disappointed

Burrito Box
885 9th Avenue
New York, NY

I frequent Burrito Box on a regular basis. It's fast, (usually) delicious, and won't leave a huge dent in your wallet. I have been looking forward to my most recent trip to Burrito Box because I could finally blog about tacos I rely on. I walked by Burrito Box at 2pm (thinking I had missed the lunch crowd) and was shocked to see a line out the door. Unwilling to wait, I wandered around to build up my appetite and returned to a much calmer Burrito Box at 2:45. To veer away from my usual I ordered the chili con carne tacos, two tacos per order. Unfortunately, Burrito Box only has hard corn tortillas for their tacos (the only soft tortillas are flour). I've learned to live with the crispy taco shells because the filling is just so good, but yesterday was a different story.

I set myself up for a mediocre taco -- ordering something new, taking a risk, not sticking with what I know best. And I got what I deserved! The taco Chili is a difficult taco filling because of the inherent slop factor and the added difficulty of a soggy taco shell did not make for a fun experience. I loved the hot sauces and the complimentary chips and salsa, but beyond that I could not finish the second taco. It is difficult to blame Burrito Box on my bad taco experience because I think my strategy, trying something new, was the problem.

I will return to Burrito Box. But I will most likely order the chicken tacos and stay clear of chili con carne.


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