Partial Redemption

The Original California Taqueria
187 Court Street
Brooklyn, NY

My Taco House experience left me very unsatisfied in the taco world, so the following day I was in search of redemption.

The outside of The Original California Taqueria was enticing, very authentic looking. I figured anything was better than the Taco House disaster.
I ordered a fish taco (my first ever!) with sauteed tilapia and a barbacoa taco (shredded beef). Hesitant to try the fish taco, the smell of freshly sauteed tilapia and the cilantro from the pico de gallo drew me right in. I enjoyed the new taste of a fish taco, but this taco was missing something. Maybe cheese? Hot sauce? I couldn't quite pin-point it. However, I did come to the realization that adding tomatoes or pico de gallo ups the mess factor ten-fold. Thank God for the two soft corn tortillas holding my taco together. If you want to add the tomatoes to your taco, eat in the restaurant so you are not eating on your lap with taco filling flying about around you. I was having trouble handling the mess and coping with the missing flavor so I put the fish taco down and moved over to the barbacoa.

The beef was delicious! In comparison to my salty chicken taco from Taco House, I was in heaven. Yet again, I felt like it was missing something. After pondering the missing taco ingredient conundrum I came to the conclusion that I had been in too much of a rush -- ordering my tacos to go and rushing out as soon as they were ready. I did not give myself adequate time to add hot sauce (they had my favorite, Tapatio sauce, available), tomatillo salsa, or even some salt and pepper.

These tacos were good, not great. I will go back to try my new strategy at The Original California Taqueria because I see great potential.

And a plus for all those of age, the taqueria has a huge selection of beer and wine to accompany your taco, if you so choose.


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