Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Standard Fare gone FANCY

UrbanDaddy fills up my GMail promotions tab with lots of useful information. I glance at the "Perks" but focus most of my energy on the happenings they highlight in NYC.  That could be a restaurant opening, a bar with a new cocktail menu, or a fun event that will soon be taking place.  Their content is relevant and if you act upon it, you may feel like a trendsetter.

This happened to me just over a year ago when UD highlighted Rogue and Canon and I made my way over to try the Peanut Butter Cheeseburger.  (Quick Review:  Absolutely delicious!  I went bun-less and was still so happy with the flavor of the meat and loved the juxtaposition of the cheese, chunky PB, and pork belly.  All the flavors meshed well and the cocktails were on par with the burger.)  Shortly after visiting Rogue and Canon during its first week in business, I started receiving emails from other sites "in-the-know" in NY recommending a visit to R&C.  I felt really cool.

So this brings me to a more recent UD post on Bodega Negra in the Dream Downtown.  I have not yet been and I'm not sure when I will go, but this new fancy taqueria takes some standard fare tacos and adds a luxurious spin to them.  UD highlights three -- Peking duck, Soft-shell crab, and Lamb barbacoa.  I love lobster tacos and I love barbacoa tacos so I think the latter two will quite quickly fit into my repertoire.  This establishment also has locations in London and after perusing those menus I am quickly scanning my calendar to determine when I can make my first (and probably not last) visit to Bodega Negra.

Anyone want to go on a taco adventure?