Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Don't Cry for Me, Argentina.

My sister lives in Buenos Aires.

She has fully adapted to the porteño lifestyle.

I went to visit her (my 3rd time in Argentina) and I realized why she moved from New York.


The weather.  
I was there during the Argentine summer and despite a day of humidity and some morning sprinkles, it was in the high 70s for the whole week. My first time in Argentina was during their winter and it was chilly, but not unbearable like today's blustery 27 degree NY winter.

The food.  

Meat. Bread (yes, even gluten-free! Get ready for a future post on chipá).  Cheese.  Also, hearts of palm, avocado, fish.  Not to mention my two favorite beverages: Fernet and Campari!

The people.  

The sense of friendship and community in Buenos Aires is overwhelming.  When you meet someone new (even if it's in the local dietética - health food store) you give them a cheek-to-cheek kiss.  When you walk into the office in the morning you make the rounds and say "Buen día" and give a kiss to each and every person.  This is a county of people that makes everyone feel like family. 
[This is not Utopia. I'm sure there are people that are less friendly, but I didn't find them.]   

Although Buenos Aires felt relatively familiar, I discovered lots of new things and in the week that I've been back in the States, I have been searching for ways to incorporate the Buenos Aires onda (vibe) into my daily life.  This is post #1 of...a few? many? that will chronicle my attempt to blend the two and live what I loved about Buenos Aires in New York.

Enjoy.  Disfrútate!