"Special" ?

Winter Park, CO

After a long day of skiing in Winter Park, Colorado, I was craving tacos. There is nothing better than noshing on some salty meat-filled tacos as an apres-ski snack. Walking into Lime with a group of friends, we found out that Tuesday was their taco special! Tacos were $2 for shredded chicken, shredded beef, and ground beef and $3 for shrimp and ahi tuna. I was so excited! I ordered one of each (minus the ground beef). After waiting for approximately 25 minutes in a near-empty restaurant my tacos came. The "corn tortillas" were hard corn taco shells. Off to a bad start in my book. (And the funny thing is that the restaurant does have soft corn tortillas.) I was not crazy about the fillings, there wasn't much flavor to any of the tacos -- I could barely distinguish the differences. And they were chock full of cut up romaine lettuce, which due to lack of proper wash and dry procedure made the taco shells soggy. I was thoroughly unsatisfied.

Despite the bad tacos, I returned (reluctantly) later in the week for breakfast and had a delicious dish of huevos rancheros. The eggs were yummy and I was quickly satisfied to the point where I was unable to finish the whole dish. Also, the guac was pretty good.

Give Lime a try, but maybe not for the tacos.


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