Lunch Boredom Be Gone!

I work in Times Square.  Beyond the tourists, the Elmo/Cookie Monster/Spider Man/Topless Ladies asking for photographs and tips, it's also a bit of a dead zone for delicious easy going lunch options.

There are some gems nearby -- Le Pain Quotidien near Bryant Park, City Kitchen (the Smorgasburg of Midtown/Theater District Eats), and if you're down to take a walk to 11th Avenue, you can always indulge at Gotham West Market.

I typically eat a salad for lunch and will run out to grab something and bring it back to my office.

However, the $8 salad from the place across the street is getting old.

Out of laziness and a desire to walk out of the office with only my cell phone, I looked on LevelUp to see where I could go and pay with my phone. [Much more can be said about "mobile wallets" and loyalty programs and how are phones are changing our behaviors.  Another time.]

So, I open the app and see what's around and BAM.

Lenwich (the new Lenny's) is on LevelUp AND they're offering a $7 credit.  The salads typically run $8-$10 so I felt like a $1-$3 lunch today was a great deal.

I chose the Kale Joy salad and substituted tuna for chicken and added feta cheese, edamame, and apples (no longer a $10 salad), held my phone to the LevelUp scanner and walked out with my lunch.  Moments later I was notified that my credit had been used and I had a receipt in my inbox.

Seamless. (Without the online delivery.  Get it? Ha.)

Plus, the salad was delicious and enormous and I will likely go back to Lenwich, even without those extra $7 to spend.

Now I know where to turn when looking for lunch inspiration.  And a deal!


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