New Side of the Office

Last week, I joined the marketing team.
This required me to pack up my desk - a laborious process considering I keep a mini kitchen and 5 pairs of shoes in the office - and move to the other side of the floor to sit with the marketing team.

With a new team comes new discoveries.  I find them all fascinating.  Here are a few.

  • It is very quiet.  Most conversation is work-related which is a) productive and b) very different from my old desk.
  • The temperature is much warmer.  I keep a blanket at my desk because I used to work in an ice box.
  • My coworkers have very distinct eating habits.  
  • We have a stand up meeting.  I love standing in the workplace.
As the weeks progress, I know more tendencies will start to unveil themselves.  I cannot wait!


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