A late night fix.

Last Wednesday night at 10pm I was hungry.  Very hungry.  After running post-work errands all around the city, back and forth on subways, I plopped down on the couch at my friends, watched 20 minutes of The Titanic (I saw the iceberg), I realized the only thing to satisfy my stomach gnawing hunger was a TACO.

Good thing that El Diabilto Taqueria (60 East 3rd Street, NY, NY) was a few flight of stairs away from the Titanic-watching couch.  In order to maximize the laziness factor, I called and ordered one
Carne Asada taco and said I'd be down in 5 minutes.


The taco was simple and delicious.  As always, the squeeze of lime juice made a huge difference and helped to offset the dry/smokey heat from the hot sauce.  The meat was cooked perfectly and the no-nonsense accouterments hit the spot.  My hunger was satiated and I was happy.

El Diablito, I will return to you.  They have a killer brunch menu and for NYC it is very well priced.


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