Not Rocking Horse RANCH


Rocking Horse Cafe
162 Eighth Avenue

For months I've been looking for a reason to eat at Rocking Horse Cafe.  In middle school my class went on a weekend trip to Rocking Horse Ranch.  A reunion with one of my elementary/middle school best friends, Hilary, who experienced Rocking Horse Ranch with me back in the day seemed to be the perfect excuse for such a dining adventure.

On a cold Thursday night, I ventured to Rocking Horse Cafe excited about the idea of chips, salsa, and a delicious margarita.  I was met by all three!  The "chips" were corn tortilla halves a.k.a. HUGE and the salsa was perfectly piquant and had a much thicker and smooth consistency compared to a Tostitos type salsa.  I opted for the Blood Orange margarita which was more tasty than Blood Orange flavored, but I loved it.  As for the grub, Hilary and I decided to split everything and ordered the Tacos de Dorado (Mahi-Mahi) that came on three mini tortillas with a cabbage slaw (not anything like cole slaw).  Much spicier than we expected so definitely not for the faint of heart.  The Budín Azteca - more or less a deconstructed/open-face chicken and cheese quesadilla with a wonderful salsa verde - was outstanding.  This dish reminded me of Mexican comfort food.  The last addition to our meal was the Yuca and Goat Cheese cake (technically a side dish and NOT 100% gluten-free -- in fact, according to our waiter there is 3/4 teaspoon of flour in the dish).  Having only a gluten sensitivity (and not Celiac Disease) we decided to try it and I was extremely please with our choice.

Overall, the food we tried was delectable and the drinks were thirst quenching.  I'll be back for a meal, a quick bite, a drink, and definitely the chips and salsa.


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