Taco Adventure!

Taqeuria Hernandez
6983 N. Clark Ave
Chicago, IL

After many months without a taco my hiatus is up.

It started with the idea for a spontaneous bike ride with my friends Emily and Doug and ended in a taco tour through Roger's Park, Chicago. Unfortunately, Emily had to miss out on our taco eating, but got to come along for the ride.

We started in Evanston and made our way down Chicago Ave which turns into N. Clark Ave. After biking through Roger's Park we decided to go a bit further, into Edgewater and Andersonville, to see if there was one particular taco shop that stood out. We didn't find one so back to RP we biked. I told Doug to stop at any place that looked appetizing and by the time both our stomachs began grumbling, we hit Taqueria Hernandez. We locked our bikes outside and entered into the long-forgotten world of yummy tacos.

For my re-introduction I decided to keep it simple. I ordered one chicken and one steak taco and marveled at the simplicity of the space -- approximately twelve red-and-white checkerboard covered tables in neat rows with a few sombreros and pieces of Mexican art adorning the walls.

Our food came quickly and based on the look of the corn tortillas I had a feeling this would be good. I love when you can see the texture of the tortilla and it's slightly rough edges screamed "home made" to me. The red spicy salsa/sauce had a bit too much kick for me, so I opted for the mild, but not so mild, green salsa.

The specifics and intricacies of each taco's taste have escaped me in the 60 minutes since I ate them, but I know one thing -- they know how to make a good taco! They were simple. The meat was well cooked. The tortillas DID NOT fall apart (despite the tomatoes that adorned the taco) and I was oh so satisfied upon completion.

There are so many taquerias along Clark Ave. that I think it only fair to test a few more before returning to Taqueria Hernandez, but I will return. That is for sure!

(I took 2 pictures using Doug's camera phone. Hopefully they turned out OK and I will have them soon to add!)


  1. Hurray the blog is back! Maddy, was there a particular reason for your self-described 'taco hiatus'? And was this neighborhood which you explored on your bike a particularly taco-esque place?


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